About NBSC Group


We are facing a new dawn in the Professional Cleaning Industry; the likes of which none of us has ever seen before. All of the new regulations being imposed and economic uncertainty are having serious affects on your customer base. That can be both good and bad for you. It means that as customers (yours or theirs) look for ways to run more efficiently, cleaning contracts are coming and going. We saw the writing on the wall in 2012 as we were having high level management meetings with janitorial supply manufacturers, some of which are now our Vendor Partners, to discuss our plans to launch NBSC Group and why we felt the need for an organization like NBSC Group. Our industry is facing changes and will never again be the same.

NBSC Group was founded for the sole purpose of supporting small to mid-size BSCs, providing them with a toolbox filled with the tools that help them build companies using industry best business practices. Our mission is to be the single source of those tools with the best pricing and service. We are structured with 4 silos. Those are Group Purchasing, Employee Certified Training, Sales Support and Operational Support. We actually become an extension of our member’s team. Please ask yourself if you are achieving all the goals you planned for with your company to date. If the answer is “no” then let’s discuss how NBSC Group will help you.

Michael “Mic” Breitzke, Founder/President of NBSC Group, has served in the Professional Cleaning Industry for over 43 years. He has served on both the contracting and distribution side of the business. Funny as it may seem, He still goes to bed every day excited about what he is doing and looks forward to the next day and the people he will get to work with. Over the course of his career he started and grew his own cleaning company as well as managed for others. He owned and managed a supply company in Seattle, Washington and has sold and managed for others.