About NBSC Group


NBSC Group is a member driven organization founded by Michael “Mic” Breitzke in January of 2011. Michael has served in the Professional Cleaning Industry for over 48 years. Over the years he has owned and managed his own professional cleaning service as well as a janitorial supply company. Michael has built and managed several other cleaning businesses and janitorial supply companies for other owners.

The sole purpose of NBSC Group is to teach, promote and support sustainable business standards/practices that allow our members to build sustainable cleaning businesses. Our members are local and regional Professional Cleaning Contractors located in the lower 48 states who are building sustainable commercial cleaning businesses. They range in size from startups to over 1000 employees.

NBSC Group requires that our members are using cleaning industry best business practices. They must either be CIBBP Certified through NBSC Group or CIMMS Certified through ISSA. These are tools designed to guide a professional cleaning company toward operating in a manner that is both the best for the company, and an assurance to other NBSC Group members that their organization can be counted on to provide the absolute best in service. In addition, and most importantly, it gives their current clients, and any prospective clients, the confidence that theirs is, indeed, the expert organization that they need providing service to them.

NBSC Group provides various programs that give our members access to the tools necessary for building a sustainable professional cleaning company. Those programs are encompassed within 3 silos; Group Purchasing, Sales Support and Operational Support. All of these programs are designed to assist in building an above average professional cleaning business.

NBSC Group provides growth opportunity for our members. Through the marketing efforts of NBSC Group to the Facilities Management sector we promote our members as the best choice of professional cleaning companies and demonstrate why. In conjunction, by participation in our NBSC Group Network program our members assist other members in developing growth for their business.