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We provide our members the ability to not only survive the many changes in our industry but also to thrive. NBSC Group helps to set you apart and grow your business and profits. Our Group Purchasing Program drives profit to your bottom line by providing savings on cleaning supplies and equipment as well as office supplies, quality control, work orders and customer communications software through our national contracts with best-in-class manufacturers. Our Online Certified Training Courses help to reduce employee turnover which lowers the cost of doing business and builds employee morale. Our Sales Support Program helps to drive new account sales and profits to your bottom line. Through our NBSC Group Network program we work together to bring our members new business from national corporations with multiple locations around the US. Our CIBBP Certification program ensures your customers and all other members that you operate in a like professional manner using Cleaning Industry Best Business Practices.

Nowhere else will you find so much value.

We are very excited about the positive impact NBSC Group is having on the BSC industry. NBSC Group was established for the sole purpose of supporting local and small regional  BSCs build sustainable businesses. When you become a member of NBSC Group you gain the competitive edge enjoyed by the large contractors.

Membership Plan:





 Membership Agreement

  • This membership includes;
  • In good faith we ask that all member commit for the minimum duration of a three year period; renewable at the end of each period. This allows us to provide the Manufacturer Partners with a fair return. (Not mandatory)
  • Member agrees to participate in our Group Purchasing Program.
  • All members agree to disclose to NBSC Group full details of purchasing history.
  • All members agree to allow NBSC Group to disclose names of participating members to the NBSC Group Vendors (no other personal information will be given).
  • NBSC Group negotiates directly with the vendors who will then assign a contract price to the goods being purchased by our members and will provide the negotiated costs to our supporting distributor(s).
  • Upon acceptance of this agreement; applicant certifies herein that applicant and/or applicant’s company can and will provide credit references upon request to each distribution partner that is chosen to provide product and services to you as an NBSC Group Member. Said applicant agrees to meet all terms and conditions set forth by distribution partner.
  • Member agrees to adhere to all guidelines set forth in the CIBBP Certification program.
  • Member agrees to pay NBSC Group a one time initiation fee, monthly membership fee and a percentage of each account fee for the NBSC Group Network program.
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