Mic’s Corner


By: Michael “Mic” Breitzke

I tell people every day that I’ve been in this industry for over 46 years now and I still go to bed every night excited with anticipation of what tomorrow has in store for me. I love the Cleaning Industry. Over the years, I’ve served as the owner of several businesses and managed several others. My primary focus has been sales as I found early on that that is where I could meet many new people and become very helpful to them. In that same light, I hope to continue helping people through this blog.

Lost Customers

We never want to have a customer leave us. But, unfortunately it does happen. Today more than ever before, our ...
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Loyalty, what is it? According to Dictionary.com “loyalty is the faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc”. Loyalty isn’t ...
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Creating a National Footprint for Our Members – NBSC Group

I am proud and very excited to announce our newest program, NBSC Group Network. The purpose of this program is ...
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Just a Thought About Recruiting

Once again it is becoming difficult to attract quality employees to the Professional Cleaning Industry. We are hearing from members ...
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Using a Professional Vacuum

Over the last 46 plus years I’ve been in a lot of janitorial closets. It amazes me that companies calling ...
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