Operational Support

The main purpose of Operational Support from NBSC Group is to provide access to tools and services for building and maintaining an operational system, the heart of any sustainable Professional Cleaning Company. We first begin with developing Best Business Practices that will serve as the guidance system for the company. This will allow a Professional Cleaning Company to show a prospective customer the mechanisms being used to assure they will be serviced by a quality organization.

Having the right employee is paramount in building a successful Professional Cleaning Company. To make sure you have the right employees we provide access to a Background Screening Service where you can make sure each new hire has the basic character needed to perform their duties.

Once a staff is in place we need to be able to keep track of where they work and how many hours they should be paid for. A quality Remote Time Keeping System makes all of the difference in the world in tracking and maintaining payroll for our staff.

Properly training the staff of their responsibilities is key to building a quality product to be delivered to our customers. Providing the staff members with a Certified Training Program assures them that we are supporting their success with our company and shows our customers another level of professionalism which sets us apart from our competition.

Then a Quality Assurance and Work Order System should be implemented. Such a system allows us to prove we are doing the job not just say we are doing the job. Ease of implementation and use makes this tool invaluable. We are able to track an employee’s skill level and help to manage the success of each employee.