Background Screening Service

Checkr completes background checks in a snap.

Checkr is excited to be a Vendor Partner with NBSC Group and their members. We will provide you with top quality service at competitive rate. In addition to that competitive rate we are providing NBSC Group members with an additional 15% discount. Just fill out the form down below and if you are a NBSC Group member they will send you the special link so that we can sign you up for the discount. We look forward to working with you all.

More companies are providing on-demand services carried out by independent contractors, who drop off your deliveries and drive you from place to place. These workers are typically given background checks before they can start working, and Checkr is looking to take advantage of that market by offering the same background checks offered by traditional firms, but quicker.

Checkr’s background reports can be ready anywhere between a few hours and a couple of days, though most are ready within 24 hours. Its background checks include address history, sex-offender searches, and social-security number verification, in addition to checking applicants’ names against terrorist watch lists and crime databases. If a company is hiring drivers, Checkr can also do a driving record check.


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