Swept – Simple Janitorial Software

Our History

Years ago, before offering our Software as a Service, Swept started as a residential and commercial cleaning company. We learned the hard way how challenging it can be to run and grow a Janitorial Business.

Leveraging our background in Software, Marketing and Sales strategy, we were able to grow our cleaning business 530% year over year and expand to 3 cities with less than 10% turnover in our cleaning staff. It was then that we realized our competitive edge was something we wanted to share with the industry.

What We Believe

We believe that communication is at the heart of an effective team. It is communication that allows teams to do more with less and avoid mistakes that often leads to unhappy customers.

We believe that mobile technology is accessible by almost everyone and is under leveraged by most in the cleaning industry. Your cleaners have phones, they know how to use them and can provide your business critical information that can improve your business.

We believe that education is the key to growing personally and professionally. Education in Sales, Marketing, and Cleaner Retention can transform your business, empower your staff and provide your team a competitive edge.

Our Goal

We are designing tools, systems and processes to help Janitorial business owners build their business by getting the best from their staff.

Our goal is to use our experiences and ongoing customer feedback to surface actionable insights helping our customers solve the Janitorial industry’s most challenging problems.

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