Group Purchasing Program


Differentiate your company with our Group Purchasing Program. Our program gives you a competitive edge over your competition by enabling you to participate in national account pricing. We are saving our members up to 65% plus on their purchases of Best-In-Class products and services. We have created and continue to develop a strong Group Purchasing Program through our Vendor Partners. By combining the purchasing power of all members, NBSC Group has negotiated very competitive national account pricing. This adds profit to your bottom line and reduces your cost of operation. Our program is supported by manufacturers (Vendor Partners) who provide Best-In-Class products and services to our members. There are two categories of Vendor Partners; Manufacturing and Affiliate. Check them out to see what a benefit this program can be to your business.

Yes, I am ready to participating in the Group Purchasing Program. I am excited to start taking advantage of the NBSC Group National Account Pricing right away. On behalf of my company I accept and agree to the terms as outlined below;

The following terms apply to the company whose representative signs up for our Group Purchasing Program;

  • In good faith we ask that all Members commit to the minimum duration of a three year period; renewable at the end of each period. This allows us to provide the Manufacturer Partners with a fair return. (Not a requirement)
  • Order sizes must meet a $250 minimum. We understand that occasionally a smaller order may need to be placed but there may be a small delivery charge included.
  • All members agree to allow NBSC Group to disclose names of participating members to the NBSC Group Vendors (no other personal information will be given).
  • NBSC Group negotiates directly with the manufacturers who will then assign a contract price to the goods being purchased by our members and will provide the negotiated costs to our supporting distributor(s).
  • Upon acceptance of this agreement; applicant certifies herein that applicant and/or applicant’s company can and will provide credit references upon request to each distribution partner that is chosen by NBSC Group (National Building Service Contractors’ Group) to provide product and services to you as an NBSC Group. Said applicant agrees to meet all terms and conditions set forth by distribution partner.