Quality Inspection and Work Order Software


Quality Inspection and Work Orders

Scout Quality Assurance™

shortcode imageScout Management Solutions™ offers a simple and powerful quality assurance solution for your operations.  Scout has been providing quality assurance for janitorial services for over five years.  Whether you are looking for a basic or robust quality assurance platform, Scout has the solutions for you.  We service many industries and have ready to deploy or fully customizable solutions for your needs.  We can also integrate with your existing platform to create a simplified solution.

New and Improved User Interface

Scout Audits™ (inspections)

  • Easy-to-use and fully customizable templates
  • Multiple categories for all your inspection needs
  • Custom and pre-defined comments
  • Robust and customizable audit scoring
  • Mobile phone and tablet ready
  • Automatic internal and external reporting options
  • and much more…

Scout Work Orders™

shortcode imageScout Management Solutions™ offers a simple yet powerful work order solution for your operations.  Our work order solutions have been utilized by janitorial services firms for over five years.  Scout Work Order™ solutions are designed around your specific needs, along with your clients.  We offer the ability to have built-in e-mail notification of open and closed work orders when work is performed.  These notifications can either be internal or external, so the communication is limited to the parties involved.  We also offer integration with other complementary system to ensure you do not have to duplicate efforts and to ensure the highest efficiency possible.

Scout Work Orders

  • Simple and easy-to-use work order system
  • Includes check-ins for supervisor visit
  • Create internal and customer profiles
  • Private and public comment communication
  • Automatic notifications for internal and external needs
  • Mobile phone and tablet ready
  • and much more…

NEW – Key Touchpoint Healthcare Audits

  • Designed by healthcare professionals for professionals
  • Meeting today’s CDC’s High Touchpoint standards
  • Customizable CDC touchpoints (22 in total) based on client needs
  • Capable of processing fluoro-gel testing (pass/fail) and
  • ATP testing (specific scoring or range scoring)
  • Data storage for audits is indefinite (no purging of data)
  • Dates of a results query can be selected by client
  • Result queries can be sorted by date, inspector, floor, building, employee
  • Reports can be created and downloaded in PDF or Excel format

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