NBSC Group Network Program


Have you experienced loss of business due to a national contractor who tied your customer location in with other business they are doing with the parent management company? Other participants have told us that they have lost thousands of dollars in cleaning business to one or more of the national cleaning companies or have missed opportunities because they lacked the reach to service multiple locations around the USA.

We are being told every day by large facility/asset management companies that they want to scale down the number of cleaning contractors they are using around the country. This is eliminating many regional and local BSCs from potential business opportunities.

We have been asked to assemble a coalition of like-minded larger, local or regional BSCs. Working together as one unit, while still remaining independent, you will share national cleaning contracts with other members of the group. This opens opportunity of over a billion. This group will also stop the national contractors from pilfering our current customers.

If you are interested and would like participate, please Click Here and fill out the form. We will contact you soon.