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Why Participate in NBSC Group Network?

Stop losing accounts to the large Professional Cleaning Companies and begin competing on a national level. In this day and age, any advantage you can get and/or provide to your clients becomes the separator that you need to compete with larger organizations. Larger BSCs have a distinct advantage when it comes to providing services to a client with facilities in multiple locations. Their advantage is normally their reach. They can either service those multi-location clients with regional locations they already have in place, or they can create a new location. It is very difficult to do this without the resources to accomplish it.

By combining forces with and under the directorship of Mid-American Cleaning Contractors-Ohio, American Cleaning Service-Idaho, Secure Clean Building Services-Illinois and 1st Class Consulting-Minnesota it is our goal at NBSC Group Network to enable local and smaller regional Professional Cleaning Companies to compete as a national contractor would. While your business may still be in the growing stages, we want to give you the same advantages that the big cleaning companies enjoy by providing you with a “National” footprint as well as the tools/benefits of a national company. By doing this, NBSC Group Network would enable members to compete anywhere in the lower 48 states.

It is the goal of NBSC Group Network to level that playing field. While your business may still be in the growing stages, we want to give you the same advantages that the big BSCs enjoy by providing you with a “National” footprint as well as the tools/benefits of a national company. By doing this, NBSC Group Network would enable members to compete anywhere in the lower 48 states.

To do this, each member will be able to call on other NBSC Group Network members in another geographical location to share (not subcontract) potential opportunities. Centralized billing will be performed through NBSC Group Network. Then the funds will be forwarded on to our respective members. This will provide the same single source benefit as a large BSC to the facility management firm.

Having said that, it is imperative that each member bidding on the original opportunity is able to insure their company’s reputation is protected. We accomplish that through our established standards of CIBBP Certification or CIMMS Certification of each NBSC Group Network member.

In addition to the profits you derive from the organic growth, our NBSC Group Network members will also participate in our Profit Sharing Program. NBSC Group sets aside 25% of all profits to be divided between the NBSC Group Network members in accordance with the NBSC Group Network Profit Sharing guidelines. That will be a nice bonus for participating in the program.

We are building a Network to cover over 165 major cities across the lower forty-eight states. Your company may cover one or multiple cities where you have an office and staff to meet the requirements.

Let’s frame an example of how NBSC Group Network functions:

Imagine that ABC Cleaning is asked to respond to a request for a quote from a real estate management group with offices in Ohio, Texas, and California.  The management group is soliciting bids from 7 BSCs in total, with 2 being local providers in the Cincinnati area, 2 being regional players in Ohio and Michigan, and 3 being large BSCs with a national reach.

While you may believe you have an advantage because you are local, in my time as a contract manager for a Fortune 100 company, I can attest that what we were told to look for was any provider that gave us one line of contact, leveraged buying power among multiple sites, and the consistency of service that the larger firms may offer.

Back to our example:

Currently in submitting your bid, you have 3 choices:

  • Self-operate all sites—meaning that you would have to open branches in the other states.
  • Decline to bid on the sites that are not in your range.
  • Sub-contract sites that are not currently in your geographical range with an unknown BSC.

Each of these options has some pitfalls:

  1. Self operation is expensive and can create a somewhat tenuous situation. You’d need to secure office space, hire employees, acquire resources (supplies and equipment), etc.
  2.  Declining to bid on everything but your home territory may take you out of serious consideration for any of the prospective client’s business.
  3.  Sub contracting may be your only feasible option.  However, if you are the primary contract holder, it’s your reputation that is on the line at all times.  Therefore, if you select the wrong sub to partner with, you may be at risk of not only losing the contract, but also having your reputation tarnished.

Really, none of the above are good options.Your best option is to share the contracts outside of your geographic service area with another NBSC Group Network member.  Each NBSC Group Network member has proven through their CIBBP Certifications or CIMMS Certification that they operate their business in a like minded manner as you.

Revenue Management:

Each NBSC Group Network member selling a contract and sharing it with another NBSC Group Network member will retain a (4%) four percent service fee each month. NBSC Group will retain (2%) two percent for service fees and will disperse the remaining (94%) ninety four percent to the NBSC Group Network member providing the service to the contracted site.

Hopefully we’ve helped you to see the advantage of operating within the power of the NBSC Group Network program. Through CIBBP Certification or CIMMS Certification our standardized management expectation of all members will provide you with the leverage you need to grow your business.  Joining our program will ensure that your reputation will be safe, your expenses will be lower and your ability to service multi-location facility management companies will be able to rival that of any other bidder.

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