Selling Process for Professional Cleaning Companies


Selling Process for Professional Cleaning Companies


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Building your cleaning business has never been more difficult than it is in today’s competitive marketplace. Are you getting tired of having to go it alone? I would like to gift you with a copy of my newly published booklet “Selling Process for Building Service Contractors”. This is a $249.95 value. The selling process explained in this booklet has allowed me to sell millions of dollars of service and products throughout my 43 year career in the cleaning industry. I am sharing it with you in the hopes that it will do the same for you.

In this booklet we have provided the complete selling process. I started and built my own cleaning company from scratch that grew to serve a 3 state area as well as built and managed for others. I also started and built a supply company using the same process where we achieved millions of dollars in sales. Over the years I’ve taught this selling process to many sales representatives who also experienced good success. This booklet is another tool NBSC Group is providing in an effort to help people build sustainable cleaning businesses.