Using a Professional Vacuum

Using a Professional Vacuum

Over the last 46 plus years I’ve been in a lot of janitorial closets. It amazes me that companies calling themselves “Professional Cleaning Companies” would supply their buildings/employees with inferior household grade vacuums rather than making the investment in heavy duty commercial vacuum. Would you want your car repaired/maintained by someone that has only pliers, cheap screwdrivers and a claw hammer in their toolbox?  In addition to the simple fact they don’t do a quality job, doesn’t it send the wrong message to your customers and employees; you are too cheap to invest in quality and getting the job done well and efficiently?

Many use the argument that employees don’t take care of the equipment, are abusive and the replacement costs are too high for a good commercial vacuum. They’d rather plan on throw away vacuums. The fact is that a quality commercial vacuum lasts longer which is equal to or less than the extended cost of throw away vacuums. Set up procedures/rules regarding proper care of the equipment. Proper training is usually the key to equipment longevity. Teach the employee to properly wind the cord, empty the recovery bag frequently and wipe the vacuum down at the end of each shift. Add inspection of the equipment to the inspections performed by supervision, holding each employee accountable. As always, inspect what you expect.

Selecting a Vacuum

My suggestion is that you select two styles of vacuum cleaners; an upright and backpack version. We negotiated special prices for our NBSC Group members through our Group Purchasing Program from a couple of the best manufacturers in the industry. The key to low repair costs is purchasing all the same brand of each type vacuum. As your company grows you will find the need for stocking replacement/repair parts and by having one brand you will stock fewer types of parts which will keep parts inventory costs down. Also the repairs go faster because of familiarity. Test several brands under various conditions to make sure that you are selecting a durable product. Your Jansan supplier should accommodate that for you by providing you with demonstration models to test for a couple days. Due to the environmentally conscious and/or cleaning for health practices, I recommend that you select vacuums with the triple filter systems which include a Hepa filter.